I come from Karaganda; I was born there and did not live anywhere else for a long time, just went on business trips or vacations. I like my city, it is my homeland, and I always miss it when I have to leave even for two weeks. The town is small, compact, and cozy. You can quickly get to any part of it, and there is every possible thing you need: entertainment, shopping centers, and the industrial part where people work. There is a bit of everything here, which makes it a good place for living, where you do not need to spend a lot of time on the road. Also, the city is now actively growing, and it is interesting to observe how it changes.

We Work For Better, Faster And Higher Quality

The Component Rebuild Center (CRC) in Karaganda was opened on May 27, 2011. It is a complex of several production units, where the repair of machine components, that is, their components and the machines themselves, is carried out. Customers send their machine to our center, where it is disassembled into components then certain components are repaired in separate workshops, or the Customer can forward the assembly separately. That is necessary to reduce the cost and make it easier for the Customer to maintain their equipment, as well as provide quality repairs being a Caterpillar dealer.

By 2021, we had 322 people employed, but we plan to keep expanding this year, so we expect the figure to reach 400. Naturally, most of the employees work directly in production: locksmiths and mechanics. People who ensure the operability of all equipment on our territory, the chief mechanic, and the chief power engineer, also play a principal role. Their departments are essential to us, as all production depends on their work. There are several departments: Planning Department, the Department of Economic Planning, and everything related to the life cycle of our components and the organization of work. The role played by our Quality Management Department is a significant one as well; we are the engine of improvement, and we always work for the benefit of manufacturing so that the services provided to our Customers are better, faster, and of the highest quality.

The presence of the CRC in Kazakhstan is an advantage for us. A lot of minerals are mined in our country and, as a result, Customers buy high-quality Cat equipment. Naturally, it needs service and maintenance. I consider the location of the CRC in Kazakhstan to be very logical, we are located in the center of the mainland and border a sufficient number of other countries, so, strategically, our location helps cooperation with neighboring countries so that we can repair their Cat equipment here with us. There were moments when orders came from both China and Russia. Last year, we exported water desalination equipment which was manufactured here to Russia.

My Key Duty is to Find the Potential of Our Colleagues and Guide The Team

I have been with Borusan Cat for 7 years and am the Head of the Quality Management Department. Borusan Cat helps in self-development once a person does not resist change and is not afraid. There is a lot of room for growth here. I have not been in this position for a long time. I was appointed last September by the decision of the Head of the Branch. It was unexpected for me, and it was a kind of challenge. Now my curiosity about how far I can go is growing. The position is quite interesting and complex. I started my way in the company from the simplest position of a Tool Clerk in the service shop, then moved to our department as an engineer, later, I became a Leading Engineer in quality, then in certification, and now I am a manager.

I miss my previous job a little. Now my main duty is to guide employees, inspire them, give some advice, set tasks, monitor their implementation, and develop their potential. When you see that something comes difficult for a person or they do not understand, you need to find a proper approach to them to boost their interest. Being a manager means being a psychologist, rather than an engineer, and that is an exciting experience.

I like that the work in our department is very diverse and captivating. You do not just sit and do your daily routine; things here are constantly changing, tasks regarding some new projects come up, we meet with foreign guests, representatives of Caterpillar, with colleagues from all our countries, we exchange experience, improve our communication skills, and even our English skills. In Borusan Cat, we use our full potential.

I have taken this position only recently, so I want to develop as a leader, gain the necessary experience, work out the moments when I did not quite succeed, and build a highly effective team.

One Shall Take Care of One's Body As Well.

In any work, we experience tense moments, and what helps me to cope with them is dance-oriented fitness. It is incendiary and fun. If you dance or work out after work, even when you are exhausted, all the negativity disappears. Incendiary music and body movements completely relieve stress and open you up. I adore doing this type of activity. Sitting at work and realizing your intellectual and creative potential is one thing, but you also need to take care of your body.

Alina Kashapova

I’m Alina. Being in nature is my greatest source of motivation because fresh air gives me inspiration. As a certificated Borusan Cat auditor in the field of “Contamination Control” I work to protect nature. I enjoy snowboarding, dancing and drawing. I am in favor of transparent communication. I ask a lot of questions in order to better help the people around me. I have a green belt in 6 Sigma.

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