We all have both business and personal lives. Most of the time we revolve in this circle, but there is another world around us.

Is it possible to remain indifferent to the world in which we live and to society?

When you realize that your life is not only about family and work, you come to understand that you must take responsibility before the world and society. You cannot isolate yourself from society.

In 2011, our paths crossed with the Common Purpose Turkey - Common Ideals Association. I had no idea that this program would turn out to be such an unusual journey for me. Today I continue to work within the framework of this program and am a member of the Social Performance Committee and the Board of Directors. For about 3 terms that I voluntarily occupy in the Social Roof Committee, we continue to organize various social events. Working the above actions together with representatives of different strata of society, we see how pleasant it is, despite our differences, to work for a common goal. The variety in conversations we conduct enriches us. We are all inspired by the opportunity to influence the lives of individuals and change society for the better, and that is just wonderful. And all this had a massive impact on me.

To Touch Every Life

We keep in touch with people from different cultures, following different beliefs, and having different educational levels, and we all work together to achieve a specific goal. I understand them better and better and constantly ask myself how I can help.

Have you ever visited a cafe for young people with Down syndrome? Did you meet people there? Did you gather together with their families? Did you hear what they went through? Have you seen how they fight for life?

Do you know the Child Behind Bars Association, established to improve the crèche for children aged 0-6 who stay with their mothers under supervision in penitentiary institutions? When our paths crossed with this project, I could not hold back tears.

Another example, when you participate in the distribution of soup to the homeless during the winter months, you convey the mood of the people living on the street.

There is life outside, and the world revolves around you. We are all responsible for it, and that is the crux of the matter.

Spending time in Darulachez with the elderly at a very enjoyable festival, feeling at one with nature while walking, serving soup to the homeless on the street, or opening Iftar at Down Café run by young people with Down syndrome, those are just a few examples, but could my friends and I attend similar events that add meaning to life otherwise? Could we understand how big the little things in life really are, and how meaningless actually are the questions that we thought were big?

Continuous Development And Constant Awareness Of Responsibility

In every project that I have participated in, from every person I have met, and with every experience I have gained, I have learned a lot and I continue to learn.

You are versatile when you come into contact with diversity.

It reflects in experience and knowledge in personal and even business life.

Is our motivation simply to work for getting business results? There are many humanitarian needs, such as listening to music, pursuing hobbies, and socializing. Can we remain indifferent to them?

Our plans include implementing many projects under Borusan Equality and Ocean Volunteers, such as growing tomatoes and peppers in different locations to meet the social needs of our friends and the bird garden.

I am responsible to my colleagues, for my workplace, I develop and study my competencies by listening to different points of view and needs.

Along with the importance of being indifferent to society, we should not be limited by our basic responsibilities in the workplace. There is a world outside of our area of ​​responsibility in our work, outside of our department, and we must feel responsible for it.

I invite all my colleagues to meetings. The main goal is to develop a sense of responsibility in everyone. The culture of collaboration we have created also removes silos. I cannot sacrifice others to reach high scores. While we are together in one company, in one society, each problem in one way or another affects our life.

The same applies to leadership that transcends authority. Taking responsibility for society and the company in matters that are not sanctioned is an important virtue. Throughout my career, I try to take responsibility for many issues that are not directly included in my job description. Although I have to sacrifice personal time, I always get some benefit from it.

For the late Asim Kojabyik, founder of Borusan Group, the development of society was highly important, and, in addition to all the successes that he achieved as a business person throughout his life, he created a structure where people work hard for the development of society. We have a responsibility to continue this vision given to us by Borusan Cat and to do our best to bring it to life, realizing that “We create solutions for a better world,” and we are proud to work towards this goal.

Hasan Tahsin Güven

Hasan Tahsin Guven was born in Artvin in 1968. In 1989 graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of Yildiz University with a degree in geophysical engineering.

Guven worked as a geophysical engineer from 1989 to 1991. He has been with Borusan Cat for 26 years. Between 1995 to 1997 held the position of Sales Representative, from 1997 to 2002 - Sales Manager of the Marmara region, and for 3 years worked in the “6 Sigma” program, where in 2002 was selected as a Black Belt. During this period, implemented sales, finance, import, and business development projects. His first project was published by CAT in 2003 as a worldwide success story.

After the “6 Sigma” project, worked as Ankara Regional Manager until 2008. Then, in the period from 2008 to 2019, worked as Resale and Lease Manager, Istanbul (Marmara) Region Manager and Key Account Manager, and from 2020 continues to be a part of Borusan Cat as General Manager in Turkey.

Throughout his business life, he attended various pieces of training on “6 Sigma” methodology, finance, import, statistical management, and personal development locally and abroad. He graduated from the Faculty of Sales of the Sabanci University in the Leadership Program.

He truly believes in the concept of leadership that transcends authority, which he takes as the basis of his life philosophy. In this context, he volunteers for non-governmental organizations on environmental and social projects and is a member of the Board of Directors of the General Purpose Turkey Association.

At the same time, he took responsibility for representing Borusan Cat in the Borusan for Equality Project for some time and continues to support Borusan for Equality.

Hassan Tahsin Guven, who is an avid basketball fan and a fan of Fenerbahce, is married with two children named Elif and Efe.

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