Hello, welcome to our home, but let me introduce myself first. My name is Elif Sebnem Baloglu, and I am a service engineer at Borusan by birth. My path, which I started as a candidate for engineering in 2018, continued at the Ankara Rebuilt Center and Equipment Rebuilt Center and, from 2020, as the responsible person of the Engine workshop Allow me to tell you about and, moreover, show you the house where I was born, our world, where, calculating the tiniest details, we apply our efforts to every line that we build together to maintain their value.

You are our clients, our main provider, and the greatest value in our world, which we develop and shape through change, identifying and defining the fitting needs. Fast, high quality and appropriate service is the right of each of our clients, and we strive to extend this approach throughout Turkey by providing high quality and fast service. Rest assured that we are by your side in this process, and we feel that our components are our own.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” so our ancestors said. You are not far from us, yes, maybe you are not in Ankara, Gebze, or Adana, but we are always with you. Our external services, our verification centers in each of our departments. That is why we invite you to our home. Not waste your trust, we want to show you our world where we work and where our valuable technicians and engineers do their best to apply our technical knowledge to every stage, and we strive to tell you about our fast, economical, efficient, and standard processes. Enjoy every moment of our journey 😊

As you can see in our 360-degree view, cleaning is our top priority for our components and workshop processes. Our goal is to restore the value of your components and parts by giving them a second life and making them easy to use. We continue our journey, improving our business models and processes through the values ​​and technical methods contained in Cat® standards and catalogs, as well as the guidance provided by our competent team. To support the continuous development and provide you with more accurate and understandable proposals, we, together with our skilled technical experts in the field, prepare detailed reports, including our standards and the condition of your components, replacement requirements, and the main causes for breakdowns and damage. In our corrections, we can perform non-Cat checks not only for Cat® components but also by providing support to our customers as much as possible.

So that your production does not stand idle, we are working on alternative solutions and proposals, options for repair, and replacement of components. We store your components in our WIP (work in progress) sections until they receive your approval. Each assembled component is registered during the collection process and put together under the supervision of our quality control team to prepare it for testing on our dyno test bench.

In our dyno test bench we test not only the components that we have sorted out but also the components that you wish to test. We can also run tests on non-Cat components. To add value, we offer designs and projects both for our country and on behalf of Cat®, of which we are a dealer. You will also see our drivetrain and locally manufactured hydraulic unit, designed completely by us. We conduct our tests by recording videos and delivering them to our customers after verification with detailed reports and oil sample results.

Our service is under our guarantee, and welcome again 😊

You can also join our discovery on our page https://www.borusancat.com/360revizyonmerkezi/#merkezler !


Elif Şebnem Baloğlu

I was born in Borusan, I ended up here after university, and I am still here. I am from Elbistan. 46.5😊 I graduated from Gazi University , Industrial Engineering department and work as a engine engineer and as a machine engineer. This is the secret, the uniqueness of Borusan 😊 I have a brother, my little companion my mother and my cute superhero my father.
It gives me great pleasure to work, take pictures and be photographed, travel wildly - if possible in nature - swim and have conversations. Communication is like a food source, I like to be wherever I can communicate. I really love to read, interpret and finally do this job after blogging on Instagram, and I started a new adventure - I entered the Faculty of French Literature, and let the new journey at the new university be a little difficult, who will stop us 😊
My dream is to open a cafe - a shelter where people will never be afraid to communicate and share with each other. May you always have a smile on your face and have something to say 😊

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