When I think of 2020, I realize that the word "NEW" became very frequent in my reality. NEW standards, NEW working style, NEW roles, NEW projects, NEW challenges, NEW reality. When I decided to write an article for one more "NEW Project - Universal Blog" for all Borusan Cat dealers, my choice was made on the subject related to something, again, NEW. So, I will retell you about NEW Generation of Borusan Cat in Georgia. 

With NEW standards, NEW safety rules and NEW looks (masks on our faces) we gathered one day in a meeting room. As a matter of fact, I turned out to be part of this great team which was open to share their feelings about Borusan Cat. So, listen to our voice - voice of the NEW Generation.

Voice of NEW Generation (1)

One of the topics discussed was "Skills and Capabilities" which I found particularly interesting since it showed how much the company cared about the overall development of both themselves and their staff. The terms involved in the topic were such as: team work, decision making at difficult and stressful situations, experience sharing, quick thinking, practical engineering, communication with foreign cultures – Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, technical knowledge from Caterpillar platforms.

During discussion of “Communication within Borusan Cat members” we jointly agreed that we learn a lot from older generations who have more experience and knowledge. Thanks to our mutually good communication skills, it's also very easy to communicate between generations, under the Borusan Cat roof.  The best part was developing new friendships, and since our understanding of the world is the same with the rest of the members within the NEW generation, it was easy for us to connect.

Voice of NEW Generation (4)

How inspiring it is to hear that among Borusan Cat team there are people who believe that: in our company there is no problem which cannot be solved. Of course, we frequently face some obstacles in our way, but the main thing is that we are solving them as a team. Each of us would be proud to hear below appreciation about himself from the whole team: “Irakli Chubinidze is always a solution provider for us.” (Customer Support Sales Supervisor).

The final topic made us all laugh when we were listening each other regarding our family members attitude about Borusan Cat.

“You work in yellow tractors” (Kiddy)

“You’re standing in the bazaar and selling machines” (Kiddy)

"This guy should be wealthy as he works at Borusan Cat" (Neighbor)

“They think I'm super professional in all technical issues as I work at Borusan Cat (Friends)

“They feel prestigious, secure and trustworthy as they know that I work at Borusan Cat” (Parents).

That was all from our side, we are proud to be part of big Borusan Family.

Natalia Goderdzishvili
  • Natalia Goderdzishvili – 29 years old.
  • Marketing Supervisor of Borusan Cat for 2.5 years. BBA at marketing in Caucasus School of Business. 
  • Mother of two children. 
    Hobbies: Cooking and physical training
  • Loves skiing, swimming and dancing
  • Admires: Cosmos, celestial bodies, sun and all beyond earth
  • Dreams: To live in a place where it’s always summer 
  • Main idea of life: Children and Travelling
  • If I had to choose another profession, I would definitely become a chef.
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