A Place Where You Can Always Share and Learn Something New

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Why are you here at this time and place?

Probably pretty often ... especially when this place is associated with a fairly long period of your life. I often ask myself: why here and why in Borusan Cat.

There might be several answers to this question:

Sometimes the reason of being with Borusan Cat was good work environment,

Sometimes - interaction with interesting people,

Sometimes - the pleasure of overcoming difficulties,

Sometimes stability is important.

The answers varied, but there was always one constant motivation among others:

Borusan Cat is a place where you can always learn something, develop and believe in your abilities. I do not know how about others, but for me this was always a priority. Perhaps that served as a major reason for that long collaboration with Borusan Cat. The process of personal development is irreversible, allowing you to master something new. It makes you feel interesting for all, including yourself. One may always find people at Borusan Cat who can share something new and exciting.

Our Project Is Becoming Reality                     

That was what inspired us about our project "I know, I share, you know". The goal was simple: to involve as many people as possible in the process of sharing knowledge.

The first volunteer of the project was our accountant's supervisor Olga Sharvadze, who was happy to conduct several sessions for the staff on topics of 1C. This year we decided to have regular meetings within the framework of the project "I know, I share, you know". We asked our experienced technicians who have gladly accepted the challenge — adapted themselves to the role of trainers and started to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues and beyond.

The initiator of CRM training was our Territorial Director, Basar Guven. The initiative was willingly taken over by Natalia Goderdzishvili and Zurab Talakhadze, who were happy to let sales team members gain extended knowledge about the program.

In short, "I know, I share = you know" is a vigil, ever-improving project that has its volunteers and hopefully it goes beyond our small office and continues its life in an international format.

We, at Borusan Cat, know quite a lot. So, let’s share the knowledge with each other.

We know at Borusan Cat and share to know even more!

Rusiko Canukvadze

Rusiko Canukvadze, Human Resources and Administration Manager has been working for Borusan Cat Georgia since the day of its opening. She loves to interact with people and always tries to see things from a positive perspective.
She has a husband and,  what is worthwhile to mention - a teenage son 😊
Her hobby is home designing. She likes to turn the environment where she stays cozy and friendly for her and her friends.
She loves reading and traveling and tries to be interesting to others.

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