I am Zarina Issaeva, Borusan Cat Kazakhstan Human Resources Business Partner.

My working days at Borusan Cat Kazakhstan started in May 2012 as a Human Resources Intern. My first big projects, my first tears, and my business trips to different cities of Kazakhstan happened within this period.

I have grown and changed professionally and personally. While working, I continued my education and worked my way up from an intern to the position of HR Business Partner, in ten years.

I combined my work with activities in the public committee. I and several colleagues created a social committee in the company on a voluntary basis, we organized such events as the New Year, Nauryz, Halloween, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Children's Day, Children's New Year etc. Our colleagues were very satisfied and happy. Our events were held at a professional level, we prepared for the events in our free time, Özgür Bey was at the celebration of our corporate parties, and he also always left good reviews. I organized football training for men at the head office as an additional leisure for colleagues before the pandemic. We organized unforgettable events for our colleagues, thanks to which I met wonderful people and made new friends in the company.

In 2015, I oversaw the participation of our firm in the HR Brand Award, which honors the best employers in the field of personnel management. There, we presented the project, how we motivate employees, how communications are conducted in our company, how we listen and translate into reality the ideas of employees, how important people are in our company. The evaluation was based on different criteria, in total points from the jury, we took second place.

What I like about Borusan Cat Kazakhstan is the corporate culture that allows us and even encourages us to freely present our ideas and bring them to life. At our company, whose purpose statement is “We create solutions for a better world”, my colleague Alua and I initiated the process of self-collection and sorting of garbage. How exactly? I am an eco-activist, so I suggested to my colleague Alua to organize garbage sorting so that it does not go into the trash but goes for recycling. We made boxes for collecting wastepaper to hand it over for recycling. We had a goal to save the planet, not pollute it. Once we handed over the entire garbage for recycling on our own, with the money we received we bought the necessary goods for the animal shelter. It was not easy to deal with all this, but good deed motivated us. Sooner the company's management signed agreement with a service company that collects waste on its own and takes it for recycling (used: paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc.) It was wonderful too get this support.

I am a many-sided person. I love nature and animals. I am engaged in tourism and sports, passionate about taking pictures. So, I try to keep a balance between work and personal life. I recommend this to everyone because the most effective way to be productive and not burn out at work is to keep your balance. Looking back, I can see how I have grown and changed during my time with the company.

I am happy to be part of the Borusan Cat Kazakhstan team and would like to thank all my colleagues who supported me for ten years and contributed to my development.

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Zarina Issaeva

I love nature a lot, I go hiking, I conquer new mountain peaks, I have walked hundreds of kilometers. The city of Almaty where I live, allows me to go to the mountains every week. I am actively involved in sports: cross fit, boxing. I am a photography enthusiast, I love animals and dancing. Dancing is what inspires me, I dance in different styles: national and Latin American dances. I am fond of ceramics.
In general, I am a versatile and very creative person, interested in everything!

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