Four years ago, we started a journey as a team to understand each other better and to define our needs. We created a motto with the joint decision of my teammates.

Our motto was "TO BE ONE." It had two meanings; to be one as a team and to be the best accounting team of the group.

We determined our team values. Each of my colleagues has become a representative of team values, and, during one year, two of our friends were chosen as best representatives by voting and rewarded.

Our Values

  • Sharing and Helping (Sharing success and failure jointly, helping those who need help, becoming specialists in our work, transferring knowledge and experience.)
  • Transparent Communication (Expressing ourselves appropriately, understanding the other side, giving positive and negative feedback immediately and appropriately, including the team members in the decisions-making process.)
  • Success and Responsibility (Defining duties and responsibilities clearly, having a sense of responsibility, taking initiatives to achieve success, appreciating.)

Making Values Work

We organized regular workshops so our values would become a natural reflex in the team. We have always tried to keep our values a priority.

Later, we rewrote our job descriptions and supported each of our friends to specialize in their respective fields by defining the areas of expertise. We gave each of our colleagues responsibility for the work and motivated them to take initiatives.

To improve and simplify our processes, we examined 146 sub-processes and implemented 120 improvement action plans in 1 year.

We benefited from RPA solutions in the digitization process and used robots in the accounting department for the first time. We shared what we did with other group companies.

We made it compulsory for each of my friends to make an improvement project in their field every year for our performance evaluations. While we wondered, "Is it possible, a project every year?" we almost did not have a period without a project. Continuous process improvement has become a natural part of our business.

Return of Partnership

As a result of all our efforts, each of my friends became happier and more confident as they got rid of boring jobs and moved to value-added ones. Consequently, our employee engagement results became 10 points higher.

When we look back now, I see how valuable it is to create a pleasant working environment and that it is not difficult at all when the efforts are united.

Sincerely yours,

Ebru Yılmaz
  • I have been part of the Borusan team for 22 years, and during this time I had the opportunity to work in different companies and departments. If I were not involved in finance, I would be interested in sociology, I have always liked to understand and analyze the behavior of society and each person in particular.
  • I like long walks along the beach while listening to music.
  • I am a mother of 2 wonderful children; I have re-learned many things since I had them, and they always keep me updated.
  • I am an avid reader. If I get very bored, I like to immerse myself in the world of the novels of Vedat Turkali and Sabahattin Ali. I try to keep up with the times. I recommend to everyone the book I have read by David Eagleman, The Brain, and The Collapse of the Nations, which I am now reading.
  • I believe in the power of love and kindness.
  • Each of us has colossal energy, and I wish that this energy is always transformed into love for good.
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