Hello there, don't think that this article is a boring article about information security full of technological terms. I'll give you a definition first, and then it'll be more fun, I promise.

The most common definitions for information are;

  • The name given to all event, situations, and principles that the human mind can imagine.
  • Things learned or taught about a subject or job.

Let's start with "What Is Information Security?"

If we combine both definitions given for information and apply them to the business world the situation becomes a little clearer. Everything that needs to be stored, protected, work-related, and independent of the environment in which it is present, the human mind can perceive…

From this perspective, the difficulty of protecting information is clearer.

There is a saying: “If there is a lock, then there has to be a key.” It's all about having that key.

Where to Put the Keys?

Let's ask a question: if there is a safe in your house and there are valuable documents and belongings in it, how do you protect your key? Ok, let me add this: Do you want someone to know that there is a safe in the house, that there is a key, and where this key is?

This example is very useful when considering protecting the valuable information used in the business world and this world. Because of the information in the business world, everyone knows that there is a safe in your home, and it has a key. And they also know what the key looks like. All you can do is secure that key the right way!

Let's continue with the example of the safe in the house. If you have little children at home and if maid, guests, neighbors, mechanics frequently visit your home, you also need to plan how to protect this key, thinking about them. It's the same in the business world; there are many different groups of people who go in and out of your buildings, those who work there, external suppliers, guests. Not only that, but also because some information is in the minds of employees when they talk to someone in a cafe or a restaurant for example it's actually like the lady of the house who puts the key in her bag and goes to meet her neighbors. As much as the lady of that house has to protect her bag, the person chatting in the cafe must have the same attitude to protect the private information in their head.

Once you enter this metaphor practice, it's hard to get out but sometimes it's a lot of fun staying in.

For example, we don't stick the password to our computer on our desk with a note sheet like we don't put the key of the safe on the dresser at the door entrance. In other words, when we meet our friends/neighbors, we do not tell the friend/neighbor about the safe and key, nor do we elaborate on company information in a conversation at the cafe.

What, From whom and How?

Such issues are more about awareness, they can be solved by methods such as education and giving adequate information but other measures must be taken against a thief who sets his mind to rob a house. Even if he circumvents these measures, devices such as an alarm or camera that will allow someone to notice that he has entered the house must be set... The measures must start even at the entrance of the house. Let's say someone entered the house, disabled the camera, or hid himself, this time he should delay until someone comes because of the alarm and extend the time he will need to find and open the safe as much as possible. The same applies when protecting valuable information in the business world! For this reason, network plans and IP plans are kept confidential. Entrances are controlled through some devices like Firewall. Logs are kept so that they can be looked at and understood later who did what. Passwords are made of a certain length and complex, so that software can't decode these passwords.

I think that when you consider information and security accordingly, it is clearer what, from whom, and how to protect it.

So, there is also a saying like: “No lock could not resist thieves.”  But that doesn't mean we shouldn't lock the door anyway, right?

There is a saying that summarizes all: “Keep your door locked, don't let your neighbor be a thief!

Thank you for reading. Goodbye and stay safe.

Adnan Alagül
  • Have been working at Borusan for a year yet I have known of Borusan and of its values for 25 years.
  • I am a control and computer engineer. Have done banking and R&D engineering. I am one of the first GSM engineers and have also worked as Marketing Technologies Manager.
  • My biggest passion is to learn new things.
  • I search for creation, for where did we come from and for where are we going to?
  • I believe that anything that has not been proven wrong can be true.
  • I enjoy watching all kinds of sports.
  • My biggest success is raising my daughter as a world citizen.
  • My favorite job is finding solutions for problems and automize things (so, I guess I am at the right place.)
  • Also, not bragging but I am a fan of Fenerbahçe
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