Asia Creates Economic Giants

China, Japan and India, located on the Asian continent, are among the 10 largest economies in the world. Although continental countries were late to the Industrial Revolution, they managed to gain a place in the world economy with the economic booms they experienced in a row. For example, Japan's economic jump is followed by China and finally South Korea. During this period, when the world experienced the longest economic booms, new economic giants emerged. Many new global giant brands of Asian origin hemerged with their increasing economic levels and investment powers.

Sharing the cake

Asia's wealth varies between and within countries. In contrast to European countries with very similar cultures, the fact that there is deep cultural diversity among Asian countries is one of the main reasons for this situation.

For example, while wealth is mostly found in East Asia, such as China, Japan, South Korea; it is concentrated in Western Asia in oil-rich countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Iran. Israel and Turkey are exceptions to the Asian continent in this respect, both countries are located on Asian territory, although they are mostly not seen as such. These examples can be diversified, and when examined in general, they have very different cultural structures, economic policies and political systems.

China (Re)Rises From its Ashes

With Asia's economic rise, the world's economic center is also shifting to the East Asian region. Among these economies, the most prominent one is China. It is the second-largest economy in the world by nominal values with a big rise and the largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. China, as it was before the 19th century, it is rising again to a central position.


China, which has taken over the long-term superiority of the United States in the world's manufacturing industry, has become the country with the largest trade volume in the world. While it is the leading country in the world in terms of foreign exchange reserves, it is among the countries that provide the most loans. China is the largest trading partner of many countries in many regions of the world, especially East Asia. It gives priority to economic development, while also increasing its military capabilities at a great pace.

China's progress in the military and political sphere, especially in the economy, is constantly increasing its influence in the international system. Indeed, everyone's collective expectation is that the rising competition in the international arena will result in progress and contribution to humanity.