Hello, I'm Arzu.  In this article, I will tell you my story of working at Borusan Cat.

In my opinion, every story worth telling begins with a big change. Who would want to live or listen to an adventure where no risky and unknown step was taken? This step was the moment I joined Borusan Cat Azerbaijan. This job opened for me the doors to a whole new world because I had never tried myself in this field before!

It didn't take me long to realize that the first thing I needed to get started was courage. My impulsive nature and thirst for justice gave me the strength to go forward. But, most importantly, when I took these steps, I felt that a lot of people believed in my success. When at least one person believes that you can achieve something, the limits and obstacles on the way to your goal are erased.

I was inspired to write this article by the belief that it is of great importance for me to be frank and talk about my experience, both positive and negative. Because it is a great responsibility for me to be able to influence the decision of the woman reading these lines in choosing this profession.


Change is necessary, but the process is not always easy. Do you think it is easy to change yourself and change the point of view and long-term stereotypes of your environment? Change takes time and effort, and, unfortunately, the working machine for this has not yet been created. Maybe I should organize a meeting on this topic and call it 'Norm Breaker - Alpha 01'. Doesn't sound bad, does it?

I tried very hard to prove myself and worked hard. Keeping motivated and staying physically strong was exhausting at times. Sometimes I even thought that it was easier to retreat, but the flame inside me did not allow it and I could not. That is, in my opinion, because the point is not that half of the success is to start, the main thing is that all success lies in not giving up! At such moments, you can get the most motivation from the support that your company, colleagues, and relatives give you, as I did. I feel really lucky in this regard because I took the first steps of my long adventure full of suspense in Borusan Cat, a company that cares about giving women and men equal opportunities in both social and business life, regardless of the industry, duties, and positions, and which cares about gender equality and supports its employees in this. I work for a company that educates, braces, and implements various projects. Here we know that equal opportunity in business life can open the door to a productive and happy world. My company has always been there for me to help me improve both personally and technically. Thanks to it, I realized how important it is to learn from each other, thus my horizons expanded.

Another point that I realized during this journey is that I can never be an office worker! Yes, for some people the office and the atmosphere in it may be the best working environment, but for someone like me, who is looking for dynamism and movement, it is hard to sit in a chair all day! That is why I believe that my work is perfect for me, and I wish everyone to find the same harmony in their work.

Every day is a new cause of excitement for those in my line of work. Because you may be faced with a new problem and may have to learn and try something new to solve it. One day you change the oil, and the next day you can give away your clock of an engine malfunction. Every problem, every mechanical failure is a dragon waiting to be captured. And I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I love what I do today, as I loved many years ago. Borusan Cat has became a school where I can apply what I've learned and a showroom where I can showcase my skills. Moreover, most importantly, I realized that details such as gender or age do not matter.

Under the heading "Borusan for Equality", I had the opportunity to tell my story and inspire other women in our regions. I want women not to be afraid of difficulties, not to drown in prejudices, and not to give up their goals. The support I received from my inner circle and colleagues always made me feel better and stronger. I want to thank them all for this. If you're looking for a shoulder to lean on, I'm here.  Remember, if I could do it, so can you. My superpowers are no different from yours! And together we can ensure that women after us will not have to face the same obstacles we do.

Arzu Jabarlı

My name is Arzu, I am 28 years old. I graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Azerbaijan Technical University. I love reading, listening to music, riding, and Formula 1. Ever since childhood, I had interests and priorities that were not quite similar to ones of other girls. And today I am a Mechanical Technician at Borusan Cat Azerbaijan.

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