When people think about automatization and its working principle, they usually imagine robots working on the factory floor. Along with this, automatization and robotics are as alike as chalk and cheese.

Let’s Understand the Difference at First

Automatization can be described as using automatic tools as machines and robots to reduce the need for humane intervention or to extinguish this need. From the invention of the steam engine to today, it has been possible to enhance the working conditions and to increase the quality of life of many people in the world population along with automatization.

In fact, automatization plays a great role in our life today and its role is expected to grow stronger in the future. On this point, we can see variable effects for different fields. For instance, due to the development of educational technology, more people can have an education, the classes have been becoming catchier and more innovative. In medical services, artificial intelligence can diagnose some diseases clearer than doctors. And so, robots can make incisions more precisely than specialist surgeons and reduce the damage much more. Likewise, customers of the retail industry take advantage of online platforms providing price transparency, access comfort, and speeding up the delivery. Again, in the field of infrastructure and environment, we see new generation smart buildings in which sensors and data analytics to improve energy management.

What would be the Consequences?

Despite the people who think that workforce diversity will reduce in the discussions on the effects of automatization technologies on the workforce if an innovative path is followed, new areas of professions can exist and are expected to increase the life quality of more people.

The Essence of the Matter Should be Considered

As a result, automatization has the potential in enhancing medical services, education, traffic, the emergency response, and environment. Automatization can reduce the danger in the work areas, decrease the cost of buildings, and provide countless benefits to the consumers. Also, it may increase professional satisfaction and make the workforce more flexible. At the same time, the gaining acceleration productivity will become the locomotive of development in most of the mature economies. With automatization technologies, it’s possible to provide an advanced level of welfare and a better model of living for everyone.


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