Instead of complicated and long sentences, let me start with a simple quote from a teenager; "I do not memorize the multiplication table anymore, I have it done by a calculator, I am digitalized!"

“Digital”, according to some, is a modern new trend; for others, it is work that they could not do yesterday; and for some, it is a ticket to tomorrow. My work is digital. I have been working with cloud archives for a long time, from the days we uploaded programs from the Walkman tape, and the future is always a mystery...

Borusan Cat always supports Caterpillar in new projects. 8 years ago, I also was invited to support a new project. The main topic was a big data center and data management. I remember throwing out overhead ideas and making excessive criticism. In our work, many different teams work under the same roof in various channels, and most of the data they use comes from the same sources. In fact, many of the squads make the same calculations while processing the data. The goal of the project was to collect all of the information in one place; all calculations there were done by robots so the teams could access the data they need, leave a simple comment and take the next steps of their job without any delay.

Machines Transmitting Their Data

So which source provides the most accurate data? Our second discussion topic on the project was less complicated since the electronic brains of Caterpillar machines can transmit a lot of data without error over satellite and phone. Old-fashioned notes made by the technicians are not acceptable, and no errors in the data are allowed. That is why Caterpillar makes an important decision; each machine should now report its data. The computer systems of distributors must also meet specific quality standards and record data most accurately and securely. The data from these systems is as valuable as the data from the machines.


Our next topic was actually the most difficult one; how will the data make its journey from this data source to the big data center? Of course, it is too big to act as one piece. This difficulty is solved by grouping the data according to the type and contents and by creating long detailed rule lists. The transmission of data under these rules is also determined as performance criteria.

Maintaining Sensitivity While Digitalizing Life

Another point to be aware of is the sensitivity of some data... One should not miss the consent of the owners. Some of our customers may not know how to benefit from this data. It is necessary to explain it to them, to make sure they make most of it. If they want, customers should be able to operate on digital platforms by themselves. Let us add portals unfamiliar with the concept of working hours; for machine data and for price and instant stock information of all kinds of parts… One can even place an online order here. Now, whenever they want, customers can call and have chats with the sales representatives to consult on various topics.

Snowball Effect Today

The plans once written on the boards developed with many other projects, and after huge investments, they have turned into a living system. Performance criteria and compliance levels with strategic developments in these matters have been combined under the Caterpillar Digital Excellence Program. Each year, it puts us through tough tests with new development plans and more advanced targets.

The Borusan Cat digital excellence program won bronze in 2020 in Turkey and Kazakhstan and was awarded a silver medal in the Russian Far East. The names of those who contributed to our receiving these medals, which is never easy, are innumerable.

Sinan Kutlutan
  • I have been a part of Borusan for 13 years.
  • I am an industrial engineer. Thanks to the extensive spectrum of the profession, I have undertaken many different tasks, including sales, product design, marketing, process development, system engineering, and project management.
  • I'm married, I'm a licensed mountaineer, and my wife is also my climbing partner.
  • I feel like I am starting to live in places where the phone stops working. I believe that all risks with known limits are acceptable, and I take them with pleasure. I waved the Borusan Сat flag at the many heights of Turkey and Europe.
  • I dream of calm days passing by while I drink coffee and enjoy the view from our garden, where the smell of cedar trees and the sharpness of the cold air are mixed... But the next day I will definitely break this peace and go for a walk in nature...
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