The concept of big data was first put forward by scientists in the 2000s. This concept, which we all hear so often these days, is present wherever there are people. The biggest reason for this, it can be argued that technology has developed at an incredible speed and settled at the center of our lives.

What is Big Data? And what is it not?

Big data is not about why, but it is about what. We don't always need to know the cause of an incident, but rather we can let it speak for itself. The system cannot comment on its own. But if the data is stored digitally algorithmically, artificial intelligence and humans can do the interpretation. Using this data, we can make inferences and create new values.

Rush to Get a Share from Big Data

In general, big data has brought many conveniences to our lives. The share of big data in the development of technology is undeniable. Especially large social media companies and brands have made big differences today by using big data that was not valued much before. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple are the best examples.

These companies also compete with each other to collect more data as they compete for innovations because today, companies know how quite well to use big data. For example, when we Google something, ads associated with that related search appear immediately in various social media channels.

Crime and Supervision in Cyberspace

It is also important to remember that mobile applications are one of the most important elements of smartphones and provide us with convenience in many areas of our lives. Social media, e-commerce, finance, gaming, education, etc. themed applications have become an indispensable part of our lives. In addition to the great amenities they bring to us, they also cause great concern for people in terms of causing events such as personal information and credit card information leakage, illegal wiretapping.

As in many countries across the world, this situation is also handled by the Turkish government to protect people's rights. The "Personal Data Protection Law" enacted recently is a good example to show how serious the risk is here. Thus, the digitized world's own rules are emerging.


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