Let's talk a little about Kazakhmys, one of the largest copper producers in Kazakhstan. Kazakhmys is a leading international company for the extraction and processing of natural resources. The company conducts prospecting, exploration, mining, processing, refining, and export of copper and other minerals. In addition to the production of cathode copper, the company produces gold and silver in ingots, sulfuric acid, selenium and copper telluride, and lead dust.

More Than 20 Years of Cooperation

The partnership between the companies Kazakhmys and Borusan Kazakhstan dates back to 1999 and has been going on for over 20 years. In the spring of 2020, Kazakhmys conducted one of the largest transactions in its history, an agreement for the full service of Cat® mining equipment. 

Kazakhmys Corporation LLP has several production sites: 

PO "Zhezkazgantsvetmet" which develops the Zhezkazgansky field, the Zhilandinsky group of fields, and Zhoamrt; 

PO "Balkhashtsvetmet" which develops the Shatyrkol, Kounrad, Sayak deposits;

PA "Karagandatsvetmet" which develops the Nurkazgan, Abyz, Akbastau, and Kosmrun fields;

Processing plants - Zhezkazgansky No. 1; 2, Balkhashsky, Nurkazgansky, Karagailinsky.

Initially, all mining equipment of the company was maintained by the service division of Kazakhmys Maintenance Services LLP in the structure of the group. In 2019, the management of the Kazakhmys company decided to transfer the service to the vendor, the official representative of Cat equipment. So, in August of the same year, the Mining Equipment Division of Borusan Kazakhstan received a request from a key Customer for full-service maintenance of mining equipment. From that moment on, negotiations between the companies Kazakhmys, Kazakhmys Maintenance Services, and Borusan Kazakhstan on the conclusion of an agreement began. 

Borusan Kazakhstan faced a critical task: to make accurate calculations under the service agreement, taking into account all the features and details of the Customer's request. The main condition of the agreement was the obligatory transfer of service personnel of the Kazakhmys company in the amount of 460 people to the Borusan Kazakhstan company. It was a troublesome and large-scale process, which consisted of a lot of interviews, testing, staff training, as well as registering it in an electronic database. 

The term for negotiations with the Customer was more than half a year, which was due to the emerging restrictions and delays associated with the current pandemic. But already in the fall of 2019, preparatory actions to complete the assigned tasks began.

If We Look at These Actions In Order ... 

  1. New stories of the branch of the company Borusan Kazakhstan from the Zhezkazgan city to the Satpayev city, closer to the production sites of the Customer; 
  2. Rent of a large space for a spare parts warehouse, an office, and a small repair shop; 
  3. Conducting preliminary interviews and testing with subsequent training of the Customer's employees who, according to the plan, were to be transferred to Borusan Kazakhstan; 
  4. Creation of a structure for providing the Customer with service;
  5. Training of employees in the SAP program, SMCS coordination, and SMCS planning; 
  6. Step-by-step training of technical personnel;
  7. Carrying out works on arrangement of underground offices, warehouses; 
  8. Arranging of logistics for spare parts and transport (from the warehouse to the mine), logistics in the Central Exhibition Complex (Component Recovery Center), transportation of personnel; 
  9. Concluding contracts with suppliers of catering services, work clothes (including laundry services), Internet services for mines; 
  10. Updating the work organization plan using procedures and links that comply with Borusan Kazakhstan standards; 
  11. In the process of creation, there are maps of interaction with the Customer, the setting of KPIs, the formation of rules for conducting work; 
  12. Providing video broadcast of the vision of Borusan, safety rules, corporate culture.

Work Continues at Full Speed!

On May 5, 2020, a 5-year contract for the full service of the Cat fleet in underground mines at 10 Customer sites was signed. Since June 1, the service has been launched at 4 mines, 2 of which were located at the Balkhash sites Sayak and Shatyrkol, with a total of 28 equipment units; other 2 - at the Zhezkazgansky sites; the West Zhezkazgansky mine with the amount of equipment equal to 30 units and the South Zhezkazgansky mine with 36 units of equipment. Since July 1, all other mines of the Zhezkazgansky site have been accepted for service: 17 units of equipment at the Zhomart mine, 18 units at the Zhylandy mine, 20 units at the East Zhezkazgansky mine with its 3 mines: Annenskaya, mine 57, and mine 55. 

In total, in two months period, 152 units of Cat underground equipment from its key Customer, Kazakhmys, were accepted for full service by Borusan Kazakhstan.

Thanks to the well-coordinated teamwork and mutual assistance of colleagues, the team of representatives of the Mining Equipment Division managed to build a systematic work on the implementation of the service and give a successful start to the achievement of the set goals. Ahead are large-scale plans and scope of work for the execution of the concluded Agreement, which has become a historic milestone in the strong partnerships between the companies.

Roza Kaliyeva / Tuyak Lazarev

Roza Kaliyeva
I have been working in Borusan for 13 years.
I have 3 children.
I admire the positive and intelligent people who are plenty in our company

Tuyak Lazarev

I have been working in Borusan for 9 years.
I have 4 children.
Hobby: fishing.
I love walking in the forest or park.
I admire the spring steppe, I like to sleep in the open air.
Dreams: to be a worthy person and the pride of my family.
The main idea of life: family.

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